What should I wear?
Whatever you like. Seriously, you’ll see everything from jeans and tees to suits. We care about you, not what you are wearing.

How long does a service last?
About an hour.

Where can I park?
Sunday parking in Cambridge is free, and there are many convenient parking locations around the church.

Where should I sit?
Wherever you like. We especially welcome parents with children to sit among us.

Who can answer a question for me?
Ask one of the ushers standing near the sanctuary entrance.

What’s a typical worship service like?
We offer prayers, sing hymns, listen to a short sermon, greet each other, share Holy Communion, and finish by being sent out into the world with a blessing. Our choir accompanies us and at certain points performs special music. Our services are ordered according to patterns (called liturgies) set out in the Book of Common Prayer, the prayer book of the Episcopal and Anglican traditions. The liturgy varies with the seasons of the Christian year: Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and a long stretch of days between Easter and Advent called “Ordinary Time.” But you don’t need to know any of this to worship with us!

How will I know what to do during the service?
The printed service bulletin describes what will happen during the worship service. If you didn’t get a bulletin when you entered the church, you’ll find a stack of them on a small table at the back of the church.

Can I receive Communion at Saint Peter’s?
The altar is God’s table, and all are welcome to receive Communion at God’s table.

Do I have to drink from the cup during Holy Eucharist?
No, you can dip your bread into the wine instead. To do this, hold the bread in your hand in front of you, and someone will offer you a cup into which you can dip your bread.

Do you have childcare?
Childcare is available for the 10:30 am service in the St. Elizabeth Chapel at the back of the sanctuary. Our Church School Coordinator, Chirusha de Mel, oversees childcare, which includes a craft or a project. Children join their parents for Communion. You can visit your children anytime during the service or bring them out to join you in the sanctuary before Communion. You may also bring your children to our nursery in the undercroft; the nursery is not staffed, so children must be accompanied by an adult when they are in the nursery.

Do you have anything that my kids can play with during the service?
Yes, small toys, crayons, and paper are available in the Saint Elizabeth’s Chapel at the back of the sanctuary.